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Untitled-2Hello. Happy Wednesday. So I heard the terrible news Toronto, [whispers] about the snow. That really sucks, I’m sorry to hear. It’s getting not-so spring like in New York as well. 50 today. It’s April Mother Nature. I think it’s time you start acting like it. Anyways, here’s a scrapbook into my outfits lately. My style = dress for comfort. It’s all the walking that doesn’t really allow me to dress anyway else. Side note: I really want to invest in a good pair of White Pants. Alright, it’s 9:55 and I’m still in bed. Time to rise and do something tourist-like in the city. Click Here to read your new horoscope for the week. x -CUntitled-25Untitled-2



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2014-04-15_0002Flowers I see you, and Spring I’m totally feelin’ you. I’ve been spending my mornings at Washington Square Park reading and sipping on large coffees from Dunkin Donuts [notice the plural on Coffee]. Stay-cation in New York is turning out to be exactly what I needed. It’s so easy to walk a little too fast and work a little too hard here. I noticed that by walking just a couple seconds slower, New York looked like a whole new City. x -C2014-04-15_00032014-04-15_00042014-04-15_0005


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Untitled-3Untitled-3 My Spring Break notes. Camera days, beach road trips, make things, and dress in summer clothes. I’ll be posting my Spring Break outfits and adventures Instagram if you care to follow! Happy Monday x -C


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tumblr_lu5fy7aSrb1qzcfcoo1_1280Good morning : ) I opened my eyes this morning to Bon Iver playing from my phone. I must have forgotten to turn it off before I closed my eyes last night. It was rather lovely. Here’s a little into my sleepy Sunday morning brain. I’m on Spring Break for the week. Wish I was spending it somewhere that looks like the photo above. New York has beaches. Road trips are in order. Alright, have a good day you lovely humans. x -Ctumblr_n3mceaHad81se1tjio1_1280fdd50ee3c7cba74ae1d75dad8f2d6754eb06c81a9cd086e32c211cf411409405eb654a24484d062826999d1a42ad85cf3431998b91e7c424378ed3b2834d95a5


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2014-01-20_0058 Something terrible happened the first day I got into Mimi. For some reason I decided to throw my winter jacket in the trunk of the taxi along with my luggage. When I arrived at the Mondrian, the kind door man took out my luggage but forgot my winter jacket [I guess assuming it belonged to the taxi lady]. Just when I noticed he had forgotten to take it out, I watched the taxi driver drive down the road away with it. As she was turning the corner I also remembered my keys were in my coat pocket. No keys to my apartment? Meh, no big deal, I can figure that out with Sarah [my roomie]. What was on my key chain is what made me sad.

A hopeless romantic is how you can best describe me. I’ve accepted it. When I was in Paris, I bought a lock for Lovers Bridge, put my name on it, threw one key in the water for my Prince Charming, and kept the other key with me. Well taxi lady has it now. If that key wasn’t supposed to find my Prince, I hope it find hers. It was a sad moment in my life. Thought I would share it with you. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! x -C268229_10100324975969071_1853996227_n401736_10100324975829351_705172231_n403512_10100324975924161_2075239063_n


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unnamed Hola. This is me, last night surrounded by Brooklyn Graffiti. Michelle and I ventured to a Salsa bar, so I pulled out this skirt from my Miami suitcase. Just guess where the skirts from, Marciano circa 2005. It makes me smile every time I put it on. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. It’s chinese food and Despicable Me on this Grand Saturday night. Feels fabulous. x -Cunnamed-2unnamed-1


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f1804cff53800117be0b39296a2ea610That’s what I’m talkin ‘bbouuuutttt.


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