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photo5 One of my favourite beach looks. I’ve never been the type to dance around in just my bathing suit. Something is generally always covering me [unless I'm tanning]. I love how this Bali beach babe wrapped her Sarong. photo2photo3Photos: Garance Dore]


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outside-kenzo_garance-doreelegant. [photo: Garance Dore]


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38139202080  The internal conflict with myself goes something like this: “Get up, pack your suitcase, buy a plane ticket and go somewhere. Learn a new language, meet new people, see new things, find cafes in the middle of no where. Work in a little cafe, and live a very simple life”/ “It’s 6 am, you need to get to class an hour early to work on your designs. Make yourself a coffee, put on good music, get on the dirty New York subway, and work your ass off today. You are building your empire”. I need to find a way to create a happy medium between these two people. I write this as I sit on my living room floor, watching Eat Pray Love [she's in India right now], and working on a design that is looking uglier by the minute. Grrr. 2013-09-13_00162013-03-28_0002312976444114711603_2850364


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rNote dressing up my design process this morning. This is what my desk looks like when I start sketching. Paper everywhere, pieces of tracing paper pinned together, and of course my inspiration. The next project has to do with wedding dresses. I’m tres excited. It has always been my dream to be an owner of a cute bridal shop. Anything to do with love generally never fails to make me happy. Anyway, I totally didn’t realize it was Wednesday. Check your Horoscope Here. x -C



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tumblr_lukeppEkZm1qzvc2yo1_1280morns x -C


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unnamed-4I am obsessed. Net-a porter has been an online shop since forever. They just recently launched a printed magazine, Porter. Porter, [in my opinion] marks the new generation of ‘magazine’. From the people chosen to interview, to the travel section, to the high profile models and lastly, marketing Porter as the strong independent, “tough, soft, dynamic, intuitive and always feminine” female, is brilliant. Okay, enough of my rambling. Gotta run. x -Cunnamed-2unnamed-1unnamed-3unnamed-5unnamed-7unnamed-8


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2014-04-21_00082014-04-21_00092014-04-21_0010imma thinkin’ beach waves, surf boards, white pants, open backs, and chains like Beyonce. Oh, and boat rides.


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