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be836a343d5135563a268ab66c124918I feel like it’s time I stop being lazy, and go back to the old Candice when I was experimental with the hair on my head. Morning thoughts. x -C2014-04-21_0004


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2014-04-21_0001Oh hello, Happy [and sad - on my end] Monday morning. It’s my return from Spring Break. Apparently there is no Easter Monday in Amurica, which means I have to go to class. Lame. Anyways, here’s me on Saturday night, hailing a taxi wearing jean on jean, [skirt from Zara, and jean jacket is an ancient find from my closet - it's from the Gap] and my favourite Pink Manolos. I hope you enjoyed the weekend! x -C


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cisco-zara-suit-1 Dreaming about white suits, messy hair, and converse. Love this look. Stealing it. zara-white-suitPhoto: Garance Dore


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2014-04-19_0006The first sip of coffee on a Saturday morning while still laying in bed, is probably one of my favourite moments. This spring break is almost coming to an end. It’s been a week filled with what I thought would be adventurous things to a week spent with my bed. I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was until I stopped, put on The Holiday and fell asleep for the entire movie, and then like stayed there. Anyway, life lately has looked a little like this. Above are photos from a super top secret project I’m working on, below are some nights out, Brooklyn Bridge coffee strollin’, Note by Candice Kaye [which are on Sale now], beers at the oldest Irish bar in New York. Alright. That’s all. Happy Saturday x -Cunnamed-92014-04-17_00402014-04-17_0033unnamed-52014-04-19_00052014-04-17_0037unnamed-1unnamed-6unnamed-8


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whitewings3resizedI’ve never really explored the bohemian style. Mostly because I think I tried to do it once at Coachella, and it was an epic fail. I have always admired Natalie’s style. Some of the girls and I here in New York have booked a little summer home in Montauk for a weekend, soon? I might just do a little vintage shopping. The result will probably look like this = big sweater at night, bathing suit and maybe a wrap during the day, baggy jeans, unbrushed hair, and white t-shirts. Positive thinking C, Positive thinking.   minnetonka4.jpg minnetonka11.jpg truereligion5resized conscious8resizedtruereligion6resizedbw.jpg minnetonka_look11 minnetonka_look23  whitewings7resized


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So, Note has officially been dropped and is now on sale on Etsy [You can click Here to get your very own set of Notes]. I collected all the footage from the past videos [below] and finished with the one above. It’s pretty crazy what has happened in my life from August 18th to right now. These Notes, aside from being something pretty, fun, and different to add to your stationary collection, mark step one on my journey to, well where ever it takes me. I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes on the next exciting thing that is about to launch tres soon. Can’t wait to share it with you! Happy Easter Weekend! x -C



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2014-04-17_0033If you’re anything like me, my workspace has notes scribbled everywhere. Well, one fine day in my 6 hour studio class, I paper clipped a sheet of my cold press watercolour paper on my painting to take notes. That’s when I got the idea of making more of these little squares. 6 Months later, Voila. A collection of Painted Flowers and Gold Leaf Note by Candice Kaye. I use them everywhere, Quote writingIn my journal,mmm To say good morning. Why not change up the way you write your To-Do’s for the week. Who doesn’t enjoy a little ‘pretty’ added to their work space.

THEY ARE READY FOR SALE. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS. x -C 2014-04-17_00362014-04-17_00372014-04-17_00342014-04-17_00382014-04-17_00392014-04-17_00402014-04-17_0041


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